The Campaign Tech Awards categories span the marketing, advertising and media industries. 

This year we have introduced a number of new categories that specifically celebrate outstanding achievement in the area of Performance Marketing. As this marketing specialism becomes more and more vital to brands, the companies and individuals driving these campaigns forward deserve recognition within the mainstream and allows the 1m+ global readership of Campaign to connect with the best in class within the Performance marketing industry.

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Best Use of Paid Search

We are seeking a proficient and successful management of a paid search campaign. Successful entrants must demonstrate an innovative use of the channel, incorporating data and new tools where necessary, managed by an in-house team or for a client. Judges will seek alignment to brand values and goals across a well thought-out and delivered effort.



Best Use of Paid Social

We are seeking an innovative and effective paid social campaign or strategy that gained a stellar set of results via a performance-based effort.
Whether the objective was to drive sales, engagement, leads or even footfall, entries should demonstrate how client objectives were met and ROI achieved from the activity.



Innovation in Affiliate Marketing

Judges will be looking for innovation in the form of a new technology, creative strategy or campaign in the affiliate space.



Best Lead Generation Campaign

We are seeking a specific lead-based campaign that has firmly met client objectives by delivering high-quality prospects through a smart and cost-effective strategy. Successful entrants will be able to quantify the relative value of leads to the client, keeping them in-line with their original objectives for the campaign.


Breakthrough Technology as Part of a Campaign

This award recognises game-changing innovations created as part of a brand campaign or branding initiative. Entrants must be able to demonstrate that the work made a difference to the bottom line. The winning entry must also be able to demonstrate how the tech was used effectively to further brand goals or solve brand problems.


Breakthrough Technology as a Product or Service

This category is one for the makers. It recognises game-changing innovations created as a product or service. Entrants must be able to demonstrate that the work has either made a difference to the company’s bottom line, received serious VC funding and/or has a high interest from customers. Only finished products are eligible and the winning entry must also be able to demonstrate how the tech was used effectively to service or answer a customer need.

Previous winners include: SuperAwesome - Awesomeads: Kid-safe programmatic


Location-based or Proximity Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award celebrates agencies and tech providers who have enabled brands to give their consumers an engaging, personalised and targeted brand experiences using proximity technology or location-based data. Open to agencies of all persuasions, and tech providers.  

Previous winners include: Merkle | Periscopix - Van-Based Marketing



Most Innovative App

This award recognises apps built for either mobile or tablets that bring a campaign to life for a customer or answers a customer need, furthering the brand or becoming a product in and of itself. The app must demonstrate creativity, ingenuity, great design and if it is for a Campaign the app should be in line with campaign’s overarching idea and brand promise.

Previous winners include: Google - Qibla Finder


Best Use of Experiential Tech

This award recognises campaigns that have resulted in great brand engagement, through the effective use of new technology. In particular, judges will be looking for an application of technology that is genuinely innovative, even if the technology itself is not being used for the first time.

Previous winners include: R/GA - Snaptivity - Robotic cameras capture fan emotions at live events



Tech for Good

The winner of this award will demonstrate excellence in using technology in a creative campaign, ideation or delivery for a good cause. Entries can be from commercial brands, agencies, tech providers or charities. You will show how you have identified a specific audience need and created a piece of work (any medium) that answers this brief in a way that pushes boundaries. It may or may not be pro bono work.

Previous winners include: Orchard Media and Events - Distraction Therapy Virtual Reality



Best Use of Experimental Tech

This rewards a branded experience that makes use of technology in an innovative way that wows consumers, helping create more fans for the brand or creates an unforgettable experience for the customer. This can be a digital or physical experience, the sky’s the limit.

Previous winners include: Expedia Media Solutions - Discover Your Aloha and AFG Europe & Momentum Worldwide - Felix Up To Mischief


Tech Pioneer of the Year

When brands, creatives and tech companies join forces, technology can drive outstanding creativity. But to kick start a revolution, you need innovators with a vision and purpose to genuinely reshape their industry. This award will celebrate these individuals, in brands, agencies or tech partners, that are leading the charge and creating great work, using smart technology, to delight and engage consumers and reimagine the world. Personal nominations are welcome, as are entries from colleagues, bosses and partners.    

Previous winners include: Simon Gosling 



Best Use of Creative Personalisation

This award is for campaigns driven by targeting and personalisation via mobile or online. Brilliant creative is paired with insightful use of data and media to deliver a highly tailored message to the customer resulting in great engagement and conversions. Note social media can be a part of the campaigns entered in this category.

Previous winners include: Channel 4 - Alien Covenant: Audio Personalisation Ad and AllTogetherNow/The&Partnership London/Visual Voice  - Argos Kid in the Ad



Best Audience Engagement

This award will recognise the technology and creativity behind campaigns that produce real, demonstrable engagement with their target audience.

Previous winners include: R/GA - Searching for Syria



Best Use of Data/Insight

This award seeks to recognise innovative brand activity rooted in data-driven customer insight. The winning work will show that data was used not only to solve a problem but also contributed to the brand’s overall marketing mission.

Previous winners include: Google - Searching for Syria



Most Effective Use of Programmatic Media

This award is open to media owners, media agencies, brands or creative agencies who used the capabilities of programmatic tools to the hilt and created memorable campaigns as a result. The judges will be looking for illustrations of where teams have devised clever and creative ways of using data and optimising programmatic media deployment to achieve outstanding results for clients.

Previous winners include: Sabio Mobile - Round Up & Donate



Integrated Campaign of The Year

Most campaigns now utilise both online and offline channels. This award however is for campaigns that demonstrate both excellence and creativity across a range of channels. The objectives of the media strategy must be clear and must work hand-in-hand with creative to deliver outstanding results.

Previous winners include: Threepipe - Go Boldly



Best Use of Tech in OOH

Digital is changing the face of out-of-home. This award recognises innovative and creative uses of technology to create memorable ads that have consumers stopping dead in their tracks. If the experience goes viral, so much the better.

Previous winners include: Rapport, Brothers & Sisters, Grand Visual, TPF and MediaCom - Sky Q Voice Control Experience



Agency of the Year

This award is open to agencies (PR, creative, digital, social and media) that can demonstrate how their collective creativity and deep understanding of the power of new technologies has produced outstanding work for clients.

Previous winners include: R/GA London



Tech Company of the Year

This award is for those tech organisations that are true collaborators in the creative process by enabling brands and agencies to significantly enhance campaigns through the use of their platforms, products or services.

Previous winners include: WIREWAX



Agency / Tech collaboration of the Year - Judges choice award

Judges will award the entry they feel have demonstrated an outstanding working collaboration between digital, creative and media agencies and their technology providers to produce incredibly powerful results for clients. At the heart of the Campaign Tech Awards lies the desire to commend and encourage collaboration in the industry. Judges will be looking for agencies and tech suppliers who have really become partners, to the ultimate benefit of their clients. This category can not be entered directly.



One to Watch

This award honours the emerging new talents in an industry being revolutionised by the coming together of brave clients, smart creative thinkers and game-changing tech. We are looking for an individual who has demonstrated exceptional skill and ambition and whose personal endeavours, whether creative or tech focused, have begun to make their mark. We welcome entries from the individuals themselves or nominations from peers, bosses and clients.

Previous winners include: Jordan Lane - Stein IAS



Key Dates

Entry deadline: 7 March 
Final entry deadline: 14 March 

Entry Prices

Until 7 March: £435 + VAT per entry 
From 8 March: £545 + VAT per entry 

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