Programmatic strategy that delivered JBL's product range of headphones, portable speakers, soundbars and smart speakers across 11 EMEA markets, ensuring that we delivered specific creative related to each product, to a relevant audience within each specific local language to each market. We also needed the campaign to allow for changes to products due to a developing marketplace, and changes to messaging due to offers and seasonality.

 We achieved this by running a dynamic creative campaign, pulling in creative relevant to targeting. This ranged from retargeting basket and product pages, to delivering messaging related to their onsite behaviour, to prospecting strategies - targeting specific audiences for specific products. Our strategy was to target sports audiences with waterproof headphones, gamers with Quantum gaming headphones, technophiles with portable speakers and home movers with soundbars and smart speakers. This was split across the 11 markets allowing us to have local translations for each creative, including using relevant audience language segments to split French and German speakers in Switzerland.

 This approach allowed us to drive creativity through data by bringing in relevant creative dependant on consumer behaviour. It also allows us to be dynamic in response to product developments and report back on product performance in different markets. Finally, it continues to allow us to make the most of seasonal and sale messaging to drive additional efficiencies.

 The results have shown strong ROAS results across key markets ranging between 2 - 4 ROAS across key markets, and up to 8 -10 in other markets.