True Wireless | True Full Funnel Marketing


Working with our agency partners Initiative, we created a full funnel programmatic activation across 11 markets in EMEA, building brand love for JBL and growing TWS (True Wireless) product purchase consideration which resulted in a 153% ROAS uplift compared to client benchmarks, driving 234% increase in revenue across all products and markets.

To provide us with efficient control over markets, strategy and performance we activated as much as possible within one DSP, splitting the strategy into 3 parts: See (driving awareness), Think (driving consideration), and Do (driving sales). At each stage we used a combination of previous learnings & new tests to drive performance, which ultimately to strong performance at each stage, translating into a strong ROAS result for JBL. Our aim was to guide users down the purchase funnel, and this began by engaging our audience with high impact, premium skin & video formats in contextually relevant environments including the use of premium YouTube placements (using Channel Factory & Select). Across our Think phase, we pushed our audience down the funnel, using bumper ads reaching In-market audiences, retargeting YT completed views and VAC completed views. We also introduced Teads at this point utilising their new optimisation capability in platform, optimising towards bounce rates and on-site dwell times. Both of these strategies ensured we were driving high quality users to site. Our final part of the strategy was to incorporate our always on Dynamic Creative display activity. We focused prospecting with TWS creative & targeting, and ensured we were retargeting users with bespoke creative based on market and product page they had visited without converted.