Real-time data activation campaign

Alphix Solutions

Client: Baillie Gifford

In 2022, the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, managed by Baillie Gifford, underwent a re-brand. The core aim of this campaign was to drive awareness of the new Scottish Mortgage identity and reassure their investors during times of stock market volatility. To ensure that we maximised our effectiveness in reaching our key buyers, the campaign involved targeting firms within the wealth management space. As another supporting aspect of the continued re-brand, there was a tactical programmatic element, which ran from the start of September until the end of November 2023.

Accuracy and lack of wastage were the keys to success; given the difficulties of hyper-targeted activity in an increasingly cookie-less world, tactical precision was necessary. The strategy had to overcome two main challenges: placing the Scottish Mortgage ads in front of a key holders of appropriate wealth managers, and then proving our targeting. By using Alphix Media Exchange, a part of Alphix Solutions, the campaign team were able to utilise two unique targeting capabilities: an industry-level targeting tool and firmographic re-targeting. This two-pronged approach allowed us to activate brand awareness in an innovative way, whilst providing performance data that can then be utilised for re-marketing as well as sales purposes.