Napapijri. An Italian brand with a Finnish name and the Norwegian flag as the logo, came to us wanting to create noise in the UK market. We designed an ambitious, socially-lead, 360 campaign strategy called Future Tees and targeted the London hype scene. So how did we get over 100 people to queue, in two-degrees celsius, for a brand they can’t even pronounce? Our answer: engineer hype starting from a simple formula: Hype = Notoriety x (Mystery + Exclusivity)

So… Let’s go back. Meet Kojey Radical. Rapper, poet, designer. A true renaissance man and the perfect influencer to give us relevant notoriety. Alongside Kojey, we created the brand’s first augmented reality garment; a limited-edition T-shirt collection designed by Kojey himself, which brings his pioneering vision of the future to life. Sounds impossible, right? Future Tees can be activated using only your smartphone’s camera, launching an AR experience that brings the design to life.

The t-shirt activates a web AR experience we created, using cutting edge image target tracking to anchor the experience to the tee. All the user has to do is point their phone’s camera at the t-shirt. Hidden in the design of the t-shirt is a QR code which launched the framework, making it accessible to everyone without the need to download any additional applications. We established the collection by slowly revealing the design of the t-shirt, its digital features and the inspiration behind it. In doing so, we took our audience with us, on the t-shirts journey We turned mystery on its head, pioneered a new way of creating hype and used social to subvert the classic hype drop.

Through an innovative use of tech and influencer co-creation, we generated a swathe of word of mouth, reaching over 8 million users through our integrated campaign.