How Boots revolutionised discreet patient engagement with IoT-enabled connected packaging


Boots, in partnership with the world’s first IoT agency, SharpEnd, experimented with connected packaging technology to turn the tedious set-up of of drug-free pain relief devices into an engaging at-home experience for its users. In-store, the technology further educated consumers by introducing the TENS product range.

With a simple scan of the QR code with their smartphones, users could learn about the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, read reviews, set up their device with bite-sized instructional videos, and track their pain with the digital pain diary feature. As the experience doesn’t require downloading apps or using other tech, it is inclusive by nature and can be used by all age groups. The average time spent by users on the pain management experience was over three minutes - twice the industry average. This industry-defining campaign has revolutionised discreet patient engagement via the product itself. By experimenting with established technology in a new category, we enabled Boots to unlock a new owned media channel. With IoT enabled packaging, Boots can turn its products into a content medium that allows for a more meaningful relationship with consumers. The user behaviour insights from the experience can now aid Boots to further optimise the experience, generating a feedback loop. The Boots connected experience resulted in happier and more engaged consumers who were able to take greater control of their pain management. This has demonstrated the use of IoT to enable discreet engagement with patients directly via product and make a meaningful connection with consumers.