Ralph Lauren, the epitome of the American dream, famously said, “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” However, the European CRM programme was quite the opposite. Ambition and vision thwarted by martech and systems. The brand eroded by over-discounting. A wake up transformation was needed.

Our solution was to tap into the dreams of 9M customers, delivering the Ralph Lauren world, in the right way for them. From brand stories to product suggestions, our mix of brand-understanding and machine-learning allows us to create the most engaging communications, and effective programmes, designed round their own personal journey with the brand.

We took a 3-pronged approach:

1st BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION WITH STYLE: A tech stack and processes boot camp, to spend less on doing, and more on insight hunting.

2nd COUTURE QUALITY DATA-STITCHING: Creating a 360o view of every possible customer signal. 

3rd THE COMMUNICATIONS ENGINE OF DREAMS: Personalised recommendations engine for 9.1 million individuals.

In year one we drove an inspiring incremental $22m, with a Return on Investment of 7:1. Customer satisfaction