Cracking The Cookie Conundrum & Diversifying Performance With An Addressable First For Listerine


Client: Kenvue

Kenvue, the consumer healthcare giant, tasked KINESSO UK&I with exploring and implementing a cookieless test through Adform’s ‘ID Fusion' to explore its feasibility and effectiveness at delivering incremental reach for its product, Listerine.

KINESSO planned and activated a cutting edge, agency first, cookieless addressability test across Adform and DV360, aiming to prove definitively that Adform’s ‘ID Fusion’ product would deliver addressable incremental Reach through Safari browser, and demonstrate value for money. The campaign proved one of its hypotheses, and managed to deliver a respectable, probabilistic frequency, and doubly efficient Cost Per Unique user compared to the Status Quo. As a result, the campaign delivered incremental addressable Reach in an environment we have traditionally only been able to Reach through Contextual means.