Cher Turns Back Time: Reaching the Next Gen on Roblox

Warner Music Group, Warner Records & Gamefam

Client: N/A

There’s no debate that Cher is a timeless music icon, and while her fanbase is as crazed as ever for her music, they continue to age up. With the release of Cher’s first-ever Holiday album and first new studio album in five years, Warner Records had to figure out how to engage the next generation of Cher fans.

Searching for an answer, they joined forces with Gamefam (the leading metaverse game developer & strategist) to bring Cher’s first-ever holiday album to Harmony Hills, Warner Music Group’s hit music-themed hub on Roblox (the platform where Gen Z & Alpha spend 2+ hours per day, more than YouTube or TikTok). During this 4-week seasonal campaign, Roblox’s 70M+ daily users were introduced to Cher with: -- Engaging Gameplay: On a music adventure featuring songs from Cher’s new album, players helped Cher save Christmas by delivering presents across a holiday-themed Harmony Hills after a naughty Elf had stolen them. -- Next-Level Interaction: Interacting with Cher’s Roblox avatar (designed in fashion from her album cover), players completed mini-games to earn virtual Cher-inspired fashion items. -- Forming Connections: Cher formed a community of new fans and infused entire families into the holiday experience – providing fun sleigh rides and snowball fights, among other seasonal activities. Cher’s campaign was a major success, captivating over 548K players for nearly 89K hours of total gameplay (in just 4 weeks) and ultimately driving downloads among the Gen Z & Alpha target audience!