Advances in programmatic media, artificial intelligence, the nature of our perceived reality and voice technology are changing advertising and marketing forever. Now Campaign is looking for the very best ways in which these new technologies are being harnessed to outstanding creativity to power brilliant marketing.

So welcome to the Campaign Tech Awards.

These awards exist to recognise and celebrate the very best and most ingenious work at the intersection of creativity, technology and marketing.

If your work shows just what the brightest, pioneering minds of this industry can achieve with the new tools it possesses, we want to hear from you.

You are the future of what we all do.

Claire Beale, Global Editor in Chief, Campaign

‘Anyone who loves ideas and creativity has never had so many opportunities to break new ground. I’m excited to celebrate the very best ideas where technology and creativity meet and award the people and companies who made it happen’.

Graham Bednash, UK Consumer Marketing Director, Google

Awards night

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Campaign Tech Awards 2017

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