Pramod Gavade

Staff System Engineer , Airbnb

Pramod is an accomplished Business Technology leader with expertise in CRM and Enterprise Architecture. With a career spanning over 12 years, he has made significant contributions to various industry verticals, including Tourism and Hospitality, Insurance and Banking, Communications, and High-Tech. Pramod has been instrumental in implementing innovative engineering practices within Sales, Marketing, Legal, Recruiting, Revenue Operations, and Customer Support organizations. As a leader, Pramod excels in every stage of enterprise applications engineering, ranging from initial conception to triumphant implementation. He focuses on prioritizing usability, privacy, security, compliance, performance, and scalability. With unwavering determination, he consistently meets delivery, budget, and quality milestones, earning recognition as a highly effective and results-driven leader. Pramod collaborates closely with teams across different locations, leading the advancement of the CRM systems' center of excellence and ensuring the delivery of optimal engineering solutions. Additionally, Pramod is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. He actively champions initiatives that promote diversity within the Tech Talent landscape, serving as a mentor and source of inspiration for underrepresented groups in the industry. As part of a CRM team-led initiative, he plays a significant role in nurturing diverse talent through an internship program. Pramod contributes to advocacy, recruiting, and mentorship efforts, providing guidance and support to interns and helping them secure promising career opportunities. It is a tremendous privilege for him to coach and guide these individuals as they embark on their professional journeys.