Having broken free from his background in coding and technology, Jon Block is now making a career out of being an "acceptable face of geek" in the world of advertising technology. Jon started his media career as an engineer at ITV, the UK's largest commercial broadcaster. With his degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and the Royal Television Society's Young Technologist of the Year Award, Jon was destined for a career in some back room, hidden away from the public. However, he seized the chance to change this when he created and then led ITV's multi-platform commercial innovation programme. In 2015 he moved into the world of ad tech where he led the product and platform vision for Videology and then Amobee in the EMEA region, helping to support broadcasters and advertisers to ensure that the right adverts reached the right people at the right time. After ITV's partnership with Amobee to create ITV's new programmatic platform, Planet V, Jon moved to Captify where he led the global product team helping define the future of independent search intelligence. Now, as VIOOH's Chief Product Officer, Jon is responsible for setting the global product vision and driving forward the product development and implementation of VIOOH's industry-leading automated trading and programmatic technology platform. As part of VIOOH's executive team, Jon plays a key role in VIOOH's mission to digitise and transform the Out of Home (OOH) media technology landscape. In his spare time Jon is a father of three, a keen photographer, and a player of jazz standards on the ukulele and piano, although rarely at the same time. He also likes to write his own biography in the third person, which is, frankly, a bit odd.