Zapvision – Accessible QR codes


Zappar in partnership with Unilever and the RNIB developed a new enhanced QR code, called 'Accessible QR'. Accessible QR codes represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people living in the world with some form of sight loss to access product information on packaging, with a single, Accessible QR code. With a small, almost unnoticeable change to packaging artwork, we aim to make a world of difference to hundreds of millions of people who are blind or partially sighted by implementing Accessible QR codes on product packaging. Unilever alone now has AQRs on 18 brands worldwide, with the goal of 250m items in 2024. This innovation starts a new conversation around connected packaging and Accessible QR on packs, helping blind and partially sighted communities worldwide more easily access product information from product packaging both in a store and in a home setting.

More recently our partnership with Be My Eyes' new OpenAI, ChatGPT4 Vision integration, means we can underpin a more conversational and assistive experience for Be My Eyes users with unambiguous, structured and accurate data for brands. This is the start of a new type of ‘product as a service’ which levels the playing field still further for access to information for the blind. Winning a Campaign Tech Award would help bring the important message of Accessibility and Inclusivity to the brand and agency community and try to accelerate change and truly help the lives of millions.