Yorkshire Tea Hard Water


Making a proper brew – how hard can that be?

As it turns out, quite difficult if you live in a hard water area, as rogue traces of floating residue could be interrupting your cup of Yorkshire Tea with every sip. Despite this truth, over half of Brits fail to realise that they live in a hard water area, resulting in a sales decline of Yorkshire Tea’s Hard Water product, due to a lack of awareness about the problem. Our solution was first an inventive approach to targeting, working with national statistics to map the density of local supplies to identify 42 locations that were the hardest water areas in the country. Then, collaborating with The Ozone Project, Flashtalking, and Yorkshire Tea’s internal creative team to target the heaviest tea drinkers within these areas, serving location-specific messaging to make Yorkshire Tea Hard Water relevant to them, reaching them at popular tea drinking moments. Our campaign and use of creative personalisation reversed the sales decline to make Yorkshire Tea Hard Water the fastest growing product in the whole category post-campaign period.