Winter Vaccines


Client: Cabinet Office and DHSC

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the level of searches for official guidance surrounding ‘vaccinations’ has steadily increased (up 241% Year on Year).

The priority for UK Government has been to offer vaccination rollout campaigns to all relevant audiences with the aim of enabling the UK to be better protected against the virus. And this Winter, while COVID-19 continues to remain headline-grabbing, existing successful vaccination programmes like Flu are also at risk at being less ‘top-of-mind’ and thus the need was to prioritise both and communicate effectively. Survey figures spoke an alarming truth about a lack of awareness in the public of the risks of the Flu: 26% of participants did not know Flu can be fatal, 20% were unsure how Flu spreads and 32% were unaware that Flu and Covid-19 can circulate at the same time. On top of that, 9% thought the Covid-19 vaccine would protect them against Flu. Our concept was simple - Turn search into a conversation. We knew any activation would need elements of dynamism based on a user’s level of vaccine education, distinction between Flu and Covid and offer greater depth of information in a timely fashion.