West Midlands Trains


Between temporary closures, a shift to working from home and reduced travel, the coronavirus pandemic had an enormous impact on West Midland Trains. People were scared to travel by rail so, to increase consumer confidence, we worked with WMT to develop a resurgency campaign with data at its core, one which delivered the right messaging (focussed on confidence and comfort) to the right people at the most relevant times.

To create our hyper relevant campaign, we used third-party data to identify businesses and leisure travelers, overlaid with Skyrise movement data, which showed lapsed rail travellers since covid. We then created location clusters, targeting our audience based on where they lived and work. The campaign reached 13.3m consumers and our creative asset “Ready When You’re Ready” saw an enormous 11m completed video views. Most importantly, earnings driven by display increased by 441% vs. the previous year.