Vollebak Metastore

R/GA London

The first official project from R/GA London's newly launched Direct to Avatar (D2A) capability is the MetaStore in Decentraland for the tech-driven clothing brand Vollebak. Vollebak develops ground-breaking clothing technology for a tech-loving audience. They are also repeat winners of WIRED ‘gear of the year’ and TIME ‘Best Innovations’ awards. So when it came to developing a concept for their new Mars Jacket, the Metaverse was a space that they were instantly drawn to. We considered various platforms but recommended Decentraland, the platform ethos (fully decentralised) fits well with the Vollebak audience, plus you can purchase and own virtual assets and virtual land.

The MetaStore is built on a plot of virtual real-estate in Decentraland—a decentralised virtual platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain, opened to the public first in 2020. The store is a physics-defying experience that also offers NFT wearables of the new Vollebak Mars Jacket. The Jacket can be worn in-game and, or converted into the physical product through their .com. The ownership of the virtual jacket will become a key to unlock future brand experiences in the metaverse.