Visibility for real - GroupM Nexus, Acceleration and The&Partnership


In Sweden, Toyota wanted to drive consumer action with a​ campaign for its hybrid electric ​​​​​​car models​​. However, the ​​challenge was ​​most ​​​​​viewable display ads ​were not seen​​ by online users​​. ​Marketing network The&Partnership, Xaxis, GroupM’s outcome media specialist and Acceleration, WPP’s media modernisation experts, teamed up with eye-tracking company Tobii and leveraged their cross-discipline skills to build an attention optimisation algorithm that powered a performance display campaign for Toyota.

Tobii delivered data from its online eye tracking panel, including data on which placement IDs historically received high attention. The data was broken down into numerous dimensions such as time of day and ad size. The&Partnership, Xaxis and Acceleration used the data to create a performance algorithm that considered the likelihood of attention. In a Summer 2022 campaign, an A/B test was conducted across a control group​, which​ was served a viewable impression without the attention optimisation algorithm and a​ ​test group, ​which ​was served the same impression with the algorithm. The outcome ​​was a 77% lift in click to conversion rate and a 23% increase in conversions.​ ​ This attention optimisation strategy built on a previous highly successful awareness campaign, ran in Spring 2022, and was used by Toyota to inform consumers how far its hybrid electric car models​ can travel powered by electricity. Th​is​ initial awareness campaign delivered a 64% uplift in ad recall, 60% higher consideration from consumers and 23% higher campaign attribute perception when compared to the control group. Press coverage on this campaign: Optimization algorithm gave Toyota 77% better clicks to conversion ( Opteriming algorithm gave Toyota 77 percent better clicks to conversion | IT Channel (