Visa Masters of Movement


With all eyes on Qatar for the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East, Visa wanted to use their sponsorship of the tournament to demonstrate that the brand is much more than just a credit card.

The Visa network enables the seamless movement of money across the world, just like the best football players move on the pitch. Visa Masters of Movement brought this to life through an incredible fusion of football, art and technology. Visa Masters of Movement was built around a new technology we collaborated on that transformed football moves on the pitch into digital art that could be instantly minted as NFTs. At FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, everyone got the opportunity to be an artist as they stepped into the Visa Masters of Movement arena. Fans selected one of the 32 FIFA World Cup nations to represent and were fitted with a tracking device to capture their movement. The key moment of each game, was transformed into digital art, and minted as NFTs for each player, so they could share a unique, personalised souvenir of their experience. Visa Masters of Movement became the must see attraction at the FIFA Fan Festival in Doha, with over 100,000 people visiting the activation. The key to its appeal? The fans themselves were the star of the show, getting to play with their friends and represent their country in front of packed crowds at the World Cup. Results 120,000 fans visited us in Doha Creating 24,000 unique works of art 335 articles were written Leading to 957,000,000 PR impressions