Virgin Money embraces the cookieless future with Quantcast’s AI-driven solution


As the clock ticks down to 2023, the transition to a future without third-party cookies looms on the horizon. Yet, a significant share of internet activity is already taking place in cookieless environments, most notably Safari and Firefox. This means that anybody not advertising on cookieless inventory today is already missing out.

As a global ad tech company, Quantcast has always believed that cutting-edge technology is the key to long-term success for its customers, partners - and itself. Its flagship solution, the Quantcast Platform, is an all-in-one intelligent audience platform launched in spring 2021, with cookieless capabilities following in fall 2021. The Quantcast Platform is a game-changer in the industry for its AI-driven, multi-signal approach. Ara™, Quantcast’s patented AI and machine learning engine, queries a trillion data points from different kinds of signals, among them first-party data, contextual identifiers, and - of course - consumer consent. With this rich swathe of data, Ara is put to work, weaving together an insights playground in a highly intuitive, interactive, and instantaneous experience. Because the Quantcast Platform relies on a multitude of signals, the removal of third-party cookies will not impact its ability to deliver digital campaigns. Ara’s unique predictive modelling overcomes any gaps that may occur from the cookie deprecation, ensuring that marketers can continue to explore insights into consumer behaviour and intent. As a result, Quantcast is helping advertisers reach previously inaccessible inventory and audiences, as well as preparing for the cookieless future. Brands and agencies, such as Virgin Money with m/SIX, have been able to test campaigns in these new environments, to great success. By experimenting early, they can not only measure and optimise, but enjoy lower CPMs due to the currently low competition for cookieless inventory. It’s a low-risk, fruitful way to future-proof for the fast-approaching cookieless reality.