Client: Scottish Government

Cancer is the biggest killer in Scotland, with 1 in 2 people getting it in their lifetime, a statistic that skews disproportionately towards the nation’s 40+ C2DE’s men. ​

Whilst the Scottish Government’s Detect Cancer Early previous campaigns had shifted behaviour and made progress in increasing early stage diagnoses - the male audience were more resistant to change. ​A new approach was required.​ Long valued for its role in building awareness, OOH had the potential to enhance its impact significantly through its data capabilities, informing and complementing other media channel use. Our OOH approach would ensure the male audience encountered the topic as they moved around their daily lives and help them form an emotional connection – more likely to drive action when needed. ​ Using data-driven OOH capabilities to inform and complement the entire omnichannel campaign, we created an unmissable ‘surround-sound’ effect. From train stations to beer mats, we were there with our Early Bird message. Scottish men were now talking about a topic they’d usually go out of their way to avoid. ​ This clever tactical campaign, not to mention budget-savvy, significantly shifted awareness, instigated behaviour change and had real-world impact, with a significant increase in men checking their body for signs of cancer post-campaign.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​