UNICEF USA Sees Significant Lift in Engagement and Donation Intent Using Cookieless SORT™ Technology through Partnership with Perion


UNICEF USA relentlessly works to deliver essentials that offer every child an equitable chance in life, addressing problems such as access to health care, safe water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. The humanitarian organization holds human rights at the forefront of its mission.

Perion, a global adtech company, helps brands unlock opportunities across the main pillars in which it operates; ad search, social media and display/video/CTV.  SORT™, developed by Undertone, a Perion company, serves customers through offering a cookieless solution that never tracks user data while still providing advertising solutions that outperform cookies. SORT’s privacy-first technology plays a crucial role in the future of advertising as we shift towards a cookieless future. Perion had the honor of partnering with UNICEF USA and its advertising agency, DELVE, to amplify its commitment to protecting consumer data while reaching new users and highlighting new campaigns. UNICEF USA recognizes the right to privacy as fundamental, and through this collaboration, Perion upheld the significance of this right by using SORT’s technology on two digital ad campaigns. The campaigns, which ran over the course of three months, were: 1) Help Protect the Children of Ukraine and 2) “If You Have,” the new film by Academy Award-winning director Ben Proudfoot: https://join.unicefusa.org/ifyouhavefilm. Both achieved outstanding results, including a 97% lift in reveal visitation rate compared to third-party targeting and 75% lift in page grabber interactions versus contextual targeting for the campaign with Ukraine. Together, Perion and UNICEF USA garnered awareness around UNICEF USA campaigns, increasing donations and brand recognition, all while prioritizing consumer privacy in the process. To learn more about UNICEF USA, visit https://www.unicefusa.org/wewontstop