Uberall + Cushman & Wakefield: Leveraging technology to build outstanding local presence

Eleven Hundred Agency

If you’ve ever been inside a commercial office or retail space in a major city, then you’ve likely already visited a space managed by Cushman & Wakefield. Beginning as a small family business in 1917, Cushman & Wakefield has grown into one the world’s largest commercial real estate services firms, representing clients in buying, selling, financing, managing, selecting and valuing assets in approximately 400 offices in 60 countries. Just in the last year, Cushman & Wakefield handled £4.3 billion of London property transactions and advised on one in five transactions carried out in the capital. It is a truly global brand with a vast amount of influence over the real estate industry.

As such, Cushman & Wakefield is often challenged by its image of internationality and as a result focuses much of its online strategy on localisation. The specific challenges faced in the past year include: maintaining data accuracy across its 400 branches, ensuring social media is up-to-date and on brand, and installing an effective review response system to better engage with customer questions and queries at a local level. Working with Uberall – the digital location marketing solution provider – Cushman & Wakefield approached these challenges head-on, with tailored solutions and a localisation strategy that provided exceptional results. Cushman & Wakefield maintained its loyal customer base and brought in countless more invaluable customers. In addition, it successfully increased its online visibility and accuracy of information at every one of its branches. In a year where the customer was more reliant than ever on trustworthy and up-to-date information, Cushman & Wakefield excelled at implementing a top-quality localisation strategy.