Nearly half of all Google searches are ‘Near Me’ searches for products and services in the local area, and this search is often the very first touchpoint in the customer journey. Consumers expect the route from online search to offline visit – their ‘Near Me Brand Experience’ (NMBX) – to be smooth and engaging. Yet, nearly half of online business listings have incorrect or incomplete information, per Uberall research.

BP, with 1,319 UK locations, sought to provide a compelling online NMBX from the start by strengthening its online visibility, and increasing customer engagement and awareness of each location’s unique offerings. But managing the location data and online reviews manually for so many outlets, over 125+ online platforms, wasn’t feasible.

BP enlisted NMBX expert Uberall to tackle the imposing task of making sure its online-listings data was correct across its entire UK network. Now, 100% of BP stations have accurate geo-coordinates and street listings. Additionally, Uberall’s ‘pin-within-a-pin’ innovation means that each of BP’s offerings – fuel, Wild Bean Café and M&S Simply Food – are optimised for local searches.

Consumer brand experience has been significantly enhanced, with a 277% increase in customers successfully finding BP listings when searching on Google Search or Maps and a 289% increase in customers viewing BP listings on Google Maps, amounting to over 72 million more views.

Furthermore, Uberall performed an intensive reputation analysis which informed BP’s new strategy, and BP now manages its online reputation across all of its UK locations from one inbox, ensuring consistency and responsiveness.

In the ‘Near Me’ age, consumers are looking for a personalised experience amongst a sea of unknown online options. Through BP’s partnership with Uberall, even a large, multinational brand like BP is engaging with customers on a local level, and providing a compelling NMBX – through every step of the customer journey.