Tomasz Palucki


Tom Palucki is an exceptional member of the Matterkind UK team who is also championed by all those that he collaborates with, and we are delighted to be able to share his story with you.

This story is one of positive determination, mental resilience and over-coming personal and professional challenges that saw him flourish from joining the industry in September 2019 to becoming a Campaign Hub Manager at the time of submission – within 2.5 years. Prior to joining, Tom was a professional chef for 9 years after moving to the UK from Poland, and it takes a lot of courage to put aside this experience and the security of what you know to try and have the career you believe you want. This is especially true when English is not your native tongue and considering the technical degree of the language used day-to-day in our line of work. Tom joined Matterkind – and the media/marketing/advertising industry – at the age of 35, which, in relative terms, is much later than many of his contemporaries who were starting in entry level roles at the time. He has spoken of the challenges of being overtly aware of this, and the idea of ‘imposter syndrome’ to which he overcame through personal determination. Tom quickly went from becoming an established member of the team to leading the largest account in Matterkind. Soon after this he was a prominent figure in launching the Matterkind Hub in Poland and became a trainer and mentor to many team members who all describe him as an ‘incredible teacher, ‘role model’ and ‘generous with his time’. Couple this with being a constant pillar of support throughout the pandemic and helping steer Matterkind to its most successful year in 2021, and you can hopefully see why Tom is truly One To Watch.