Before hybrid was a term on trend we created a storytelling experience that used digital innovation in a physical experience and Magic Leap technology to connect and transform in virtual.

The Rainwall evocatively told of Cisco's social and environmental ambition; to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025.

For an organisation that specialises in networking and collaboration technology the purpose behind the goal was more relevant than ever originally imagined in early 2020.

Sitting at the heart of Cisco Live EMEAR event in Barcelona you could hear the sound of the rainfall from a distance.

As you moved closer, projected onto the rain, you could read inspiring statements of the Cisco Impact initiative.

Closer still and you could see people in the rain holding an umbrella, looking up into them. They weren't ordinary umbrellas, but smart umbrellas made exclusively for the experience. At points within The Rainwall a film projected the true stories of Cisco Impact within your umbrella.

Often a clich, but on this occasion you were immersed in the experience. As the rain fell you watched and listened to stories of hope and human endeavour. A Magic Leap version meant we could reach remote audiences at other events throughout 2020.

From an initial brief to produce some digital screen banners, we pushed a brave creative idea. We passionately believed that impacting a billion lives was not a statement, it was something that had to be felt. The Rainwall.