In partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Verizon, UNIT9 created The Met Unframed, an immersive virtual art and gaming experience, with AR enhancements powered by Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband. At a time when The Met's doors were physically shut, together with Verizon, they wanted to collaborate to democratise art by bringing the museum's extensive art collection into people's hands, wherever they are!

 The Met Unframed experience opened the virtual doors to the museum, blurring the line between physical and interactive. Using the digital layer as connective tissue, we were able to craft a unique mobile experience that allowed art enthusiasts to be transported into the heart of The Met.

 Leveraging webAR and immersive 360 environments, we recreated a faithful true-to-scale replica of The Met, featuring one-of-a-kind digital renderings of more than a dozen galleries and nearly 50 works of art from across The Met's vast collection.

 Part AR, part game, part trivia, the experience included four virtual wings, progressively unlocked over the course of a few weeks. Visitors were put to the test in order to complete educational challenges and mini-games. The worthiest competitors were then able to qualify as art loaners, unlocking the ability to borrow and display the AR artworks at home, on their own private walls, for a limited time.

 The Met Unframed has completely redefined what it means to visit a museum remotely, elevating The Met collection to be accessible to anyone, anywhere - utilising the power of technology to create an innovative cultural experience.