The launch of Nissan ARIYA – Nissan Electrified Labs the Metaverse


Nissan have recently launched their first 100% electric vehicle - Ariya. Using cutting-edge technology alongside sleek Japanese design, Nissan have created a vehicle to take over the EV market and push the brand into a more premium category. Technology is the forefront of Nissans innovation quest; they are focused on bringing life to Japanese craft and providing an optimal driving experience for the user.

Although the brand that tends to launch new cars in traditional media channels (55% of media is invested into TV) Nissan challenged us to utilise the latest and most exciting technology available to advertisers to introduce Ariya as Nissan’s hero brand and ultimately deliver on Nissan’s branded house promise ‘Doing Electrification Differently’. Based on this brief and our knowledge of the technology used to build the car, we needed to find a way to engage the user with the brand like never before. Just as Nissan used some haptic technology elements within the car design to give the brand a more premium feel, it felt important that the media buy reflected the sophistication of this technology.