In the Ubisoft game 'Division 2', the world has collapsed, a smallpox hybrid virus has decimated a great part of mankind and every source of information is shut down. For the launch of the new game and to immerse players in this post-apocalyptic world, we developed a chatbot on messenger, using geo-localization, and native AR Technology. We Called it ECHO. 50 A.R Stories linked to site-specific locations such as restaurants, schools or banks. Each story let you be the witness of what could have happened in your neighbourhood if The Division 2 events became true.

In The Division Franchise, ECHOs already exist. It’s a way to tell side stories in gaming. We used the same form that players loved to create a bridge between their life and the world of The Division 2. We advertised the bot in Facebook to gamers that already played to The Division, or could be interested by the game.

We developed a chatbot on messenger, using geo-localization, and native AR Technology built-in Facebook Camera. We wrote, recorded dialogues with 10 actors and made AR scenes of 50 stories taking places in locations which exist in every city : Banks, schools, pet store, churches, stores, etc. By using a webview which loaded a map, players were able to navigate to the nearest locations and play AR Stories in their neighbourhood. Discovering Echos unlocked rewards that players were able to use in-game to ensure their survival.

Thanks to Google Places data, ECHOs were visible in hundreds of millions places and available in 160 countries. In less than two weeks, more than 300 000 users played 1.2 million ECHOs, watching 8300 hours of A.R content, making ECHOs one of the most impactful and wide-spreading AR content projects.