Manning Gottlieb OMD in conjunction with Topham Guerin

Covid-19 has impacted us all. From a communications standpoint, it has spanned over 14 centrally driven health marketing campaigns and 40 sub-campaigns, making it the biggest behaviour change challenge in the 100-year history of Government communications. Each campaign offered a new audience to prioritise, meaning platforms that could offer a variety of targeting, not just reach, were vital when adapting with the ever-changing situation which the virus threw at the nation.


The challenge was to outmatch the speed of the virus spreading with media planning & innovative media activations. Priority audiences needed to engage with the latest communications, meaning we had to work out a way to ensure that the multiple messaging was engaging enough to resonate and provoke the behavioural change required to protect the nation.


In tandem with traditional broadcast channels, Social was identified as the primary channel that could facilitate this pace and variety of change seen across government policy, campaign message, location priority, and target audience. It was the natural environment for where people are consuming daily information. Armed with a set of key principles, OmniGOV, challenged social platforms to communicate in new and innovative ways evolved every social media output to incorporate new formats and tactics.