The Bubl Generator - A Branded Image model for VMO2

fAIth - The AI Creative Agency

Client: Virgin Media O2

The "Best Use of AI" entry from fAIth, VCCP’s AI creative agency, showcases a revolutionary asset creation process through a bespoke AI image generation model for O2's brand mascot, Bubl. Previously, high production costs (~£4,000 per asset) and long timelines limited Bubl's story-telling potential and visibility, with 50% of O2 customers unclear about his role. The Bubl Generator, a custom-trained image model based on Stable Diffusion, significantly reduces asset creation costs to £120 and shrinks timelines from days to minutes, enabling a broader and more engaging portrayal of Bubl across platforms. This AI tool allows for flexible, cost-effective campaign iterations, dramatically increasing Bubl's visibility and character development, making him a compelling figure that embodies O2's core values. The project not only demonstrates a significant reduction in production costs and time but also enhances the quality and reach of O2’s content, setting a new industry standard for leveraging brand mascots. This project establishes faith as pioneers in unlocking the creative potential of AI, moving from mere discussion and experimentation to tangible actions.