Subway: Make Your Own Footlong

EssenceMediacom UK,, Kinetic and Above & Beyond

How do you celebrate a well-loved ritual with an audience whose attention is harder than ever to gain?

By understanding where they personalise their experiences, and how they buy. During the pandemic, we experienced the delivery economy on steroids, with the novelty of instant delivery opening a world of cuisines to Gen Z online. With McDonald’s and KFC making eCommerce in the food space the norm, Subway needed their ‘hero’ product – the Footlong sub – to still stand out in the fast-food sector where any type of food was only a few clicks away. We needed to show that Subway, and its customisable Footlong product, was a brand whose time had come with the advent of digital personalisation. That we could take our place in the virtual world and deliver in the real world through playful media which would inspire, delight – and deliver. If we didn’t try to do ‘Make Your Own Footlong’ in the metaverse, we’d be seriously missing a trick, so that’s exactly what we did! Our solution, a 3D Interactive Digital OOH billboard, was a worldwide media first, which proved to be as effective as it was innovative. Using the latest in OOH technology, Subway was able to take consumers from the digital world to the real world in moments, playfully capturing how Gen Z view the world and celebrating Subway’s iconic Footlong product with the audience that loves it best.