Stephanie Geno


While Stephanie Geno has done a lot to raise Innovid’s profile as its CMO, she makes her mark on the ad industry most through her relentless fight for diversity, working tirelessly to lift up the voices of those who historically did not have one. There are not many people in Stephanie’s field more committed to diversity than she is.

Stephanie currently leads Innovid’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion global task force. She voices the very valid concern that people of color, especially women, are underrepresented in leadership ranks, and that includes ad tech. With the task force, her goal is to advance inclusion from within, and to be an example to other companies in the industry. The task force has proven to break the mold of what the average ad tech executive team looks like, as half of Innovid’s management team is female. Stephanie’s contribution as a thought leader at events such as VAB Diversity Summit, IAB Career Day, and Marketing EDGE Collegiate Summit, as well as her panel participation with BeetTV’s “Our Voices, Our Hopes #BlackLivesMatter,” grants her a platform to voice her commitment to promoting women and the next generation of marketers. As a guest on the podcast Minority Report, where the content centers on diversity within media, business and technology, Stephanie shared her experiences navigating the marketing industry as a Black woman and rising to the occasion, serving as an inspiration to listeners who wish to pursue the same path. Her talks share her approach for how women of color – at any stage of their career– can tackle imposter syndrome and strive to see their career goals come to fruition, proving that race, age, or gender have no bearing on the ability to deliver.