SodaStream: push for better


SodaStream, market leaders in the domestic appliance market for

sparkling water makers, are on a mission to revolutionise the beverage industry. Their vision is to encourage people to live healthier and more hydrated lives whilst reducing their environmental impact. With their machines, SodaStream provides a way for consumers to make sparkling water and soda at home via reusable bottles, each of which eliminates over 1,200 single-use plastic bottles from the world’s oceans, forests, and landfills. SodaStream is faced with limited competition from brands selling the same type of product, so their primary challenge was to create social behavioural change. Their primary aim was to demonstrate how attractive a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is, and therefore, influence consumers to turn from the habit of purchasing single-use plastic bottles from retailers to making their own tasty soft drinks at home. In this campaign, SodaStream’s business objective was to drive brand consideration and purchase intent, so they partnered with Mindshare and addressable TV experts, Finecast, to achieve these goals.