Sky Glass


Sky Glass was the biggest product launch in Sky and MediaCom’s joint history and the most integrated campaign that Sky has ever delivered.

Despite a launch of this scale, Sky found themselves in the unusual position of a challenger brand in a new sector, a sector that had reduced investment on brand building and focussed predominantly on lower funnel journey management. We knew we had to create fame for the launch but to avoid the high risk of competitors benefitting from misattribution we created a full funnel planning approach that went beyond mere awareness and fame to manage customer journeys through the ‘messy middle’. Three complementary layers of activity matched the three different speeds of purchase decision making in the TV category, requiring a true ‘one team’ mentality to coordinate our high reach communications with signal based relevance planning. From our Silicon Valley style keynote launch to our unmissable 360 campaign to our intuitive UX to our retail experience, we constantly kept potential buyers in the Sky Glass journey away from the competition, making make this historic launch a historic success.