Simon Harper is Vice President of Digital for Clinigen Group – a rapidly growing, global speciality pharmaceutical and services company. Its mission is to deliver the right medicine, to the right patient, at the right time.

What makes Clinigen Group different is the combination of its businesses. They complement each other across the lifecycle of a medicine, from clinical trial to unlicensed and licensed supply, increasing access to medicines and improving the lives of patients. Right now, the business is undergoing a major digital transformation programme. It’s rationalising complex drug product data into Oracle ERP and changing how healthcare professionals are serviced globally. Simon has been instrumental in spearheading Clinigen’s commitment to delivering a world-class customer experience through big customer-focused initiatives.

One of those was the development of Clinigen Direct which makes access to ‘hard to find medicines’ by healthcare professionals around the world quicker, easier and safer. These often life-saving medicines can be challenging to locate and transport through the complex global regulatory environment. Healthcare professionals need to find a partner they can trust to deliver and one that can guide them through the process. To that end, Clinigen have conducted primary research to shape a technology-enabled customer service platform that fully leverages their global insight.

Clinigen Direct also collates and provides data on global medicine shortages to enhance supply chain efficiency and minimise disruption. On top of this, Simon has passionately run an award campaign to recognise the vital role of the often over-looked hospital pharmacist. These pharmacists’ dedication and expertise in sourcing hard to find medicines is often life-saving. Ultimately, Simon and his team’s understanding of the requirements and pressures that these healthcare professionals face, has enabled them to develop a bespoke digital experience that delivers on real customer needs.