Shaun Zacharia is a pioneer in programmatic advertising. Over the last nine years, his vision, persistence and technical savvy have been the main ingredients in launching Native advertising for the open web, steering his company to exponential growth and creating an entirely new ad medium that bridges television and online media.

 He has built several industry-first products, including a technology to scale branded content across publishers through predictive analysis, but his most recent innovation is one that will revolutionize TV advertising as we know it.

 Shaun's innovation is technology that allows for brands to be placed directly into video programming across television and the internet. In other words, brands can insert their messaging and products into programs, programmatically and in real-time, via post-production technology. This solution benefits the entire value chain, offering greater flexibility and measurability for advertisers and streaming services and a fundamentally better experience for audiences.

 As co-founder and president of TripleLift, Shaun and his partners launched the company in 2012 with the mission of making advertising better for everyone -- publishers, advertisers and consumers. The initial Native advertising product forever changed programmatic. As the leader of the company's Engineering, Product, and Business Development teams, Shaun drives the R&D of a robust product pipeline. Through Shaun's strategic guidance, TripleLift crossed the $1B USD lifetime ad spend milestone in 2020, and is on an accelerated path to the next billion. Impressively, roughly half of TripleLift's revenues last year came from products Shaun introduced the year prior -- the strongest indicator of his impact on the company and the space.

 Shaun's unyielding commitment to improving advertising through advancements in technology represents what it takes to be Campaign Magazine's Tech Pioneer of the Year. Shaun is an inspiration to his TripleLift counterparts, industry partners and clients.