Securing The Future Of Greene King Brewery

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Client: Greene King

Facing a decline in their traditional ale market, Greene King launched two new craft beers to captivate younger beer consumers and secure the long-term future of the business. With a modest budget in a fiercely competitive market, we looked to data to redefine their approach to create a targeted campaign that would deliver on their business goals.

Through our research, we challenged their assumptions about craft beer demographics, instead using behavioural segmentation as a more effective approach to identify audiences that would drive trial of their new beers faster. Utilising Kantar TGI data, we refined our targeting based on our segmentation and strategically collaborated with media partners to effectively pinpoint and target our audience. We paired this with a real-time UK heatmap using Greene King’s first-party data to overlay their distribution data, allowing us to optimise media allocation based on the ever-changing supply and demand of the new beers, whilst minimising wastage in areas where we didn’t have the interest or distribution. Through our data-driven insights and approach we have helped Greene King achieve a remarkable increase in sales despite a modest budget within a stagnant category.