RTB House

RTB House partnered with Team X, Omnicom Group’s marketing agency on an advertising campaign for Mercedes-Benz. The objective was to promote Mercedes-Benz vehicles and accessories to a new audience through a tailored marketing approach, without sacrificing on brand safety.

Team X brought RTB House on board as its Deep Learning algorithms offer the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence in advertising, which is far superior to regular machine learning techniques. RTB House’s proprietary technology provides clients with a unique 3-layer Brand Safety solution, which can be tailored to meet clients’ specific needs. Its ability to filter based on domain, URL, and site keywords guarantees the highest level of brand-safe, privacy-compliant advertising, which is exactly what Mercedes-Benz and Team X were looking for. Through RTB House’s internal ContextAI feature, Mercedes-Benz and Team X were also able to target consumers browsing relevant content using a range of formats, including video and display ads. Display formats like zipper and carousel ads, as well as pre-roll, and in-stream video, were also utilised, engaging consumers with compelling content. These innovative formats and exceptional targeting techniques brought the key features of vehicles and to the fore in a captivating, easy-to-understand brand experience.. The campaign exceeded expectations in terms of results by over 130%, including a Video Completion Rate (VCR) of 78.16% and viewability of 87%. Overall, Mercedes Benz as a brand was able to reach over 3 million unique users as a result of the collaborative efforts of Team X and RTB House. This helped to maintain the brand’s reputation as a leader within the industry.