Rigour and Flair – Matching and Moulding The Mood of the Nation

Havas Entertainment

Client: UKTV

UKTV viewing needed a new radical method rooted in viewing behaviour to ensure their streaming service, UKTV Play, became their leading source of views.

Our campaign took a ground-breaking approach, leveraging a combination of data insights and creative strategies to deliver a truly audience-first experience. Recognising the impact of mood-based targeting on decision-making, we integrated industry and academic research on emotions. Complementing this with proprietary data from our partners, it allowed us to categorise our audience into distinct segments, ensuring tailored content delivery. Partnering with Blis and utilising location data, we targeted specific areas with varying app usage, maximising reach and engagement. The culmination of these efforts resulted in a campaign that consistently exceeded targets, driving a remarkable 56% YoY increase in monetisable views and surpassing weekly stretch targets by 80%-90%. The success of this initiative was propelled by an unprecedented level of collaboration between client, agency, and media partners. This seamless coordination, supported by a bespoke dynamic creative decision tree, ensured that each piece of content resonated with the audience. As a result, our campaign not only achieved its primary goals but also demonstrated the power of innovative, data-led creativity in the rapidly evolving landscape of viewer engagement.