Revenue Uplift through Bidding to Value


British Gas offer four different HomeCare packages, with coverage ranging from single product (boiler) to multiple home products (boiler, heating, home electrics, drains and plumbing). We knew that not every HomeCare sale is of the same value to our client since the four packages range in monthly fees. However, our PPC bid strategy treated every conversion the same with us working towards a blended CPA target.

With full Google stack technology in place and a progressive mindset, we decided on a major shift and began bidding to value opposed to just conversion volume for a certain cost. This approach allows us through Search Ads 360 to take the revenue of each HomeCare package into consideration, adjust our real-time bidding in line with it and in turn concentrate our paid search budget on higher value sales, ultimately positively impacting our client’s business bottom line. We increased revenue by a staggering 20%, ROAS by 16% and overall sales volume by 13% when compared to our previous target CPA bidding approach. This phenomenal outcome encouraged us to change to a value-based bidding approach across other Centrica products.