Revamp to proactive personalisation automation leads to industry first results

Merkle and Currys

To grow the marketing database to 10M, it was vital for Currys to switch to a proactive personalised marketing approach for customer communication, focusing on providing integrated dynamic content and personalisation in day-to-day campaigns. Currys messaging didn’t meet personalised demand from customers, leading to disengagement and high unsubscribe rates. The brief was a total revamp of the marketing

campaign ecosystem to enable the team to innovate, engage and connect with customers, providing the enhanced customer experience its customers wanted. Campaign triggers were set-up to ensure the customer could be reached at the right time. Through using data calculations, customers were identified to enable further content personalisation. As an email is deployed, it would be matched to the right content using technology content partner, ensuring a truly unique user experience every time. Personalised AI subject lines were introduced, enabling subject lines that are consistently learning, on brand, and relevant to the targeted customer. An industry first, this modification resulted in a 9% conversion uplift. Our work led to a 33% conversion increase, unsubscribes down 24% and engagement up by 3x for welcome journeys vs BAU. The goal of growing the base to 10m was exceeded, going from 3.6m to 11m.