Purple Bricks


TV advertising delivered awareness for PurpleBricks but it wasn’t delivering local relevance and trust. Purplebricks has some great proof points versus the traditional high street estate agents they are trying to gain share against, not least their low cost foxed fee structure and enabling technology. However their biggest weakness was their lack of visibility as a brand at street level. This was a problem because local experience is the biggest influence when considering an estate agent. 92% of sellers feel that local knowledge is important. We needed to build trust & relevancy in specific postal areas and needed to be forensic in our local planning approach to grow Purplebricks’ market share. Data would be at the heart of our strategy, with audience insight and listings volumes all factoring into the decision-making process for target areas. We needed something to help us visualise and comprehend this vast array of data quickly and accurately. Nothing existed. So we built a bespoke predictive model and interactive mapping tool called Seller Scouter to help us identify potential property hotspots. Utilising insights from our 1st party data stack Acxiom, competitor estate agent locations through Google’s API, land registry completions, live property listings and the locations of our tech-savvy Change Champion audience who are most likely to list their property with us. All this data was fed into Seller Scouter to identify geographical areas of opportunity for Purplebricks. Once these areas are identified, ran digital, digital OOH and Connected TV showcasing locally tailored proof points like houses PurpleBricks had sold in the area. The forensic targeting enabled by Seller Scouter, in combination with powerful, locally relevant and dynamically-tailored advertising drove local sales that far outstripped the national growth rate while areas exposed to tailored local ads saw double the amount of mobile web/app traffic to site.