Step inside the Skill Cube, a personalised, 1-2-1 training session with a global sports icon – an industry-first, multi-sensory, immersive digital experience, designed and installed in PUMA’s 5th Ave flagship store.

PUMA needed to evolve its retail experience. Its core ‘Generation Hustle’ consumer is a digital native, living in a culture where sport and gaming coexist with no conscious split between analogue and digital worlds. Our challenge; to create a uniquely authentic, credible and memorable experience worthy of a NYC flagship. 

Hyper-connected with almost limitless access and choice, this core customer has inherently developed a necessity for authentic experiences from the products and brands they interact with. Using this insight, we defined an invisible tech platform; ‘Idols Brought to Earth’, that transported visitors into a personalised coaching session with brand ambassadors Lewis Hamilton, Antoine Griezmann or Romelu Lukaku.

Inside the Skill Cube, visitors are immersed in a multi-sensory environment incorporating 270° floor-to-ceiling LCD content screens, graphic projection, motion sensors, dynamic lighting and surround-sound, also complete with synthetic turf flooring to fully test PUMA footwear features under authentic trial conditions.

The Teamsport experience transports visitors to a CGI replica of an atmospheric San Siro Stadium, reconstructed to superior levels of detail (including 5 million individual grass-blades) and adaptability, where Lukaku or Griezmann coach visitors through a series of head-to-head trials, before scoring them on their performance. Meanwhile, the Training experience transports participants into ‘The Gym’ to train with Lewis Hamilton, who takes them through three trials; ladder, jab and jump, developing their skills to be forever faster.