Permutive & Penske Media: Driving value for advertisers with first-party data


Regulators and tech are giving users the tools, awareness and choice to protect their privacy by opting out of data sharing. The effect of user choice is rippling through the entire ecosystem; whether it’s emails, cookies or other IDs, users are being given a choice in multiple ways in every environment.

In light of this, Penske Media Corporation (PMC) - whose iconic brands include Variety and Rolling Stones, needed to develop a strategy that would enable it to monetise 100% of its audience across its portfolio, even cookie-blocked or opted-out audiences, while respecting data choices. They chose Audience Platform, Permutive, who are now one of PMC’s most strategic partners. PMC is now part of a new era of advertising, where they are rebuilding data in advertising to protect privacy. Via Permutive, PMC has access to more of its audience data to help them sell across the portfolio. They were able to innovate and move from a vertical to a portfolio strategy to better compete on scale. And they can help advertisers understand the real individual behind each impression. As every user has interests that range much farther than just the page they’re on at that specific minute. It's resulted in strong performance for the publisher and their advertisers, including a 46% increase in revenue from first-party data in 2022, a 5X increase in performance (CTR) in campaigns that only used first-party data and a 5X increase in driving effective CPA for a clothing retailer when using PMC’s first-party data (SHE Media).