Peloton - The Cooldown

Stink Studios

The Cooldown takes 12 months of Peloton's raw workout data and uses it to celebrate the achievements and commitment of the Peloton community.

At the end of 2021, The Cooldown was an opportunity to amplify the passion and infectious enthusiasm of Peloton members, getting them to share the campaign online en-masse to reach new people in a way that traditional media couldn’t. No two Peloton members are the same and we wanted the campaign to reflect this. ​​By focusing on each individual's personal achievements – their favourite workouts, their longest daily streak, the music they listened to, and the minutes they spent exercising – we maximised the potential for shareability. We turned a loyal audience into an army of advocates who gave a glimpse of the unmatched Peloton experience to their friends and followers. Overall, the Peloton community engaged with the campaign 5 million times, with 85% of engaged members watching their film and 50% of those downloading to share with their friends and followers. The campaign reached millions of more people online without spending a dime on media. Not for publication*****