PAM (Pitch AI Mentor)


Client: Founderland

Startup founders face a myriad of challenges when it comes to raising capital, and intense pressure to make a strong first impression. Meanwhile, shockingly only 0.5% of VC funding goes to women of color founders. That’s why Founderland, the fastest growing community of women of colour founders dedicated to creating an inclusive, intersectional standard for entrepreneurs, partnered with R/GA EMEA to create PAM, the Pitch AI Mentor.

Whilst Founderland has a comprehensive coaching curriculum, to date they can only offer a limited number of places. PAM changes that by giving founders a safe-space online to practice their pitch and receive instant, personalized feedback all within an AI-powered environment. At the heart of PAM is a custom AI model that can analyze any 5 minute pitch. Within the experience is a simulated live pitch mode, virtual investors and an option for more supportive, or more challenging questioning. We trained PAM on Founderland’s knowledge base, as well as an extensive number of VC pitches. Areas of analysis cover presenter delivery, slideware, and content with plans to add more features over time. R/GA also created PAM to include a ‘pitch dashboard’, that tracks users progress as they improve their pitching, and an interactive ‘live pitch room’, which simulates the pressure of a real VC pitch and enables users to get questioned on any areas that need more clarity. PAM has initially launched in BETA testing within the Founderland community of entrepreneurs, with plans to evolve its usage later in 2024.