Omni-Heat Coat Launch | Addressable OOH


After planning this multi-market campaign in October 2020, activity was finally able to go live a year later due to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and with our audience returning to the streets. This meant Columbia Sportswear was able to showcase the launch of its new Omni-Heat Coat. The goal was to drive awareness of the new product as well as reinforcing positive brand perception using Programmatically bought DOOH across the UK, France and Germany.

One key insight about our target audience was that they were more often outdoors, this coupled with the nature of the product to help people keep warm, meant that DOOH was the ideal media in which to reach them and deliver an impactful message. Buying programmatically enabled us to be highly accurate with our delivery in terms of accessing valuable DOOH placements, as well as ensure that campaign requirements were delivered, such as allowing for different curfews in each market. Additionally, this allowed us to make considerable in-campaign optimisations that upweighted top performing screens. The activity was split into 2 waves to help with delivering optimal performance - wave 1 allowed us to gather a significant amount of campaign data for analysing and testing different methods of buying in the markets, which we then applied to wave 2. Overall, the campaign reached over 42M contacts – 44% more than the target 30M contacts - which demonstrated significant incremental reach and added value equating to £257,000 additional budget.