OMG Marketplace - a simpler, transparent, more effective programmatic supply chain


For many years marketers, agencies and publishers alike have been wanting a simpler, more transparent and more efficient programmatic supply chain. Actionable solutions in the market are still in development and a solution was urgently needed, so we led the charge and developed OMG Marketplace.

The creation of OMG Marketplace means we can now deliver industry-leading transparency and media efficiencies for clients and publishers by re-engineering the current supply chain to connect technologies in a new, transparent, simpler programmatic model. OMG Marketplace is DSP tech agnostic meaning clients can benefit from a cleaner supply chain through their preferred DSP partner. OMG Marketplace benefits some of the largest advertisers in the UK. In 2021 clients grew threefold, integrated channels and formats grew by 50%, integrated publishers and websites grew by 98% and targeting solutions grew by 485% in 2021.