Ode to Lidl Bakery


Client: Lidl

With a cult-like level of interest, Lidl Bakery was quickly becoming a dough-licious phenomenon.

#LidlBakery had amassed a staggering 19.1 million organic views on TikTok, so when the time came to launch Lidl GB’s own TikTok page, what better canvas for our campaign than the delectable world of bakery? But since TikTok ads launched in 2019, Lidl hadn’t been active on the platform. We spotted an opportunity to leverage the growing number of Lidl Bakery advocates that could help us spread the Lidl Bakery love, making them the star (bakers) of our advertising. Introducing “Ode to Bakery”, a song comprised entirely of customers’ quotes, that they could duet with the Open Verse Challenge, waxing lyrical about their favourite Lidl baked goods - from pretzels to Portuguese tarts. We pulled on those nostalgia heartstrings by using nineties banger, N-Trance’s “Set You Free”. Our campaign was named the UK’s Greatest Creative by TikTok, with results smashing expectations. No soggy bottoms here!